Applied Research

The final way in which I bring behavioural insights to business issues is to conduct applied research that is highly tailored to an individual organization’s specific needs.  Here are a few examples:

  • Conducted a study for the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Information Officer of an oil major into the impact of Information Technology (IT) investment on business productivity.  Used the research findings to advise the Board on management systems for allocating the annual IT expenditure budget totalling $2.5bn.
  • A study for a consulting company into the major social, economic and technological trends affecting UK businesses, how this is affecting the relationship between these businesses and their Information Technology departments and the potential impact on the role of Chief Information Officers.  The results will be used to shape scenario planning sessions at an annual conference and subsequent press coverage.
  • Developed a point of view for an advertising agency about the idea that successful brand transformation can profoundly accelerate organizational transformation.  The work involved synthesizing relevant behavioural research with selected case studies to produce published articles and white papers distinguishing the agency’s thinking as leading edge.